Saturday, 25 October 2014

I am still ALIVE!!!

So much for my new year resolution of keep up my blogging.  Seriously I have no idea where all the time went coz one minute I was reminding myself that I need to write something on my blog, the next thing I know its 10 months later and I just suddenly thought of my blog.  How weird is that?

So perhaps I will try once again to write some of my random thoughts and random whatever in this blog.  My friend LN says a blog is a good place to keep my thoughts so after a while, I will read what I had written, and probably agree that I was a total ass. Well the ass part was my thought, but you get the gist.

The main reason I started to think about the blog was because I am going to go on my yearly trip to Korea soon.  In about 2 weeks time, in fact.  It's not supposed to be a yearly trip.  It was supposed to be yearly trip to anywhere but Korea...but I just couldn't do it.  I had to go back there again.  Korea is a place I find myself very comfortable with.  I don't know why.  Perhaps the people, the place or the food.  I just love it there.  Weird I know, but I can't help it.

I had decided if I do go back to Korea again next year, I will go on other trips too.  Not one grand trip a year and I spend the year waiting for the trip.  This time around we are going in the Fall coz I am determined to see the foliage.  Never seen it before and I wanna see it.  Experienced snow, summer and spring.  But not Fall.  So I do hope I get to catch the Fall foliage.  But with my rotten luck with the whole mother nature thing, I might end up looking at bare trees when I get there,  Foliage over and all I see bare trees and freaking cold. 

This time around I am going with a whole new group of friends.  LY and J is coming along, of course and 2 other new friends, MC and PC whom I had become friends with over the course of these few months.  I had traveled on short trips with LY and J. We were in KL for a long weekend, spend our time eating most of the time.  We got along great and they are great fun to hang out with.  They are very different from me and I think it is very good.  From LY I learn to be more organized.  Well can't say I had mastered it, but I am trying to be more organized.  

For the KL trip LY planned out the itinerary for each day.  While we didn't follow 100% of the itinerary, but it was always good to know what to expect next.  She would have the numbers of the place we wanted to go and operating hours of the the locations we were headed to.  It was amazing. While most of the time when I travel with H, we were fly by the seat of our pants kinda girls.  Always last minute changes and we just randomly plan out the itinerary. Both of us were not good planners.  

But for this trip to Korea, LY made an itinerary for every day of the week we are there.  She had the address, the operating hours and the entrance fees all calculated.  It was amazing.  There were excel sheets emailed back and forth between LY, J and I, with various alterations in the itinerary.  Yes I learn something. 

With J, she is like the treasurer of our group.  She normally handles the money aspect of any trip we go on.  Each time we go on our foodie outings, shes the one that keep tracks of the expenses.  Something that I am never good at.  I am learning so I try to keep track of all my expenses.  So far I am not succeeding coz I am bad at it.  But I do try.

MC and PC are my colleagues and they are way younger than LY, J and I.  I am pretty nervous about having all of them on this trip. I am not sure if they would get along with each other.  LY and J are more refined and more mature while PC and MC are so much younger and well....not so refined, shall we say.  But I am taking this as a learning experience and hopefully they do get along, especially for that 1 week. 

Well I think this post is long enough...and it is time for me to go to bed.  Hopefully I will have some time to come back and write more about the preparations for the trip.  My random erratic thoughts on the trip.  And perhaps some gorgeous foliage photos from Korea. 

Till next time. Byeeeeeeeee


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