Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My favourite Chinese New Year treat.


This is my favorite Chinese New Year treat. Its called Kuih Kapit or also know as Love Letters. The love Letters are rather sweet so I can only take a few at a time. Its very thin and very crispy. I love it!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Weekend Fun with Friends Part 1.

Last weekend I went for a food expedition with some friends and I really had a blast.  I have lived in here for most of my life and there are still places I've never gone to.  Places that I didn't even know existed until now.  And these places are less than an hour away from where I live.  So let me share with you my fun filled weekend, ok?

The day started early, leaving my house at around 9am.  My friend, L picked me up and introduced me to her ex colleague, C, who is here for a holiday.  So it was out mission to take him out, go to some unique places and to have some good food along the way.

Out first stop was at the Gua Musang Jetty, where we wait for the boat to take us across to and island called Pulau Aman .  Before this, I don't even know there is an island called  Pulau Aman.  So when L invited me to go with her, I decided to just go and see the place for myself. When we reached the jetty we saw a boat has already left the jetty going towards the island.  According to the schedule posted there, the next boat was at 12, which meant we had to wait for another hour.  However I was later told by one of the vendors there, that the schedule is only applicable for weekdays.  On weekends, the boats have no fixed schedules and it depends on amount of people there waiting for the boat.  I guess on weekends, more people would go to the island.

While waiting for the boat I snapped some pictures and saw this lone man, standing on the beach, trying to catch fishes using nets.  I have to admit, it has been a long time since I saw someone doing it, so it was rather fascinating to me and my friends.  

 Here are some of the fisherman's boats.  The island is a fishing village so I would assume that most of the men living on this island is a fisherman.  You can see the water is really muddy and I see those mud fishes, no idea what it is called, on the mud.  It's low tide, so the mud is even more obvious.  

This is the oldest Breadfruit tree on the island.  It was planted in the year 1890.  I feel that a tree this old, should not have an advertisement stapled to its trunk. Seeing as this is one of the few attraction on this island, I keep they should try to preserve it, not use it to put on advertisement.

This is one of the few chalet that is available for rent.  Although I don't see why anyone would rent and stay there.  You can't swim in the water and there is nothing much to do on the island.  If the water was clear and clean, I can see the attraction. 

This is an eagle that we saw and I have to admit I have never seen one up this close before.  It is actually a pet and it would just sit there and just make his eagle calls. It is cute, but also very scary.  While I was taking this picture I kept praying that it would not fly at me and claw at my  eyes.  The owner came out to feed it small fishes and told us that the eagle is harmless.  While there is no chain or cage to keep it there, it just stood there.  I thought perhaps they clipped his wings, but the owner said that it still flies around.  So I guess this is a domesticated eagle. 

This is the neighboring island, I guess.  It is still called Pulau Aman and part of Pulau Aman but on high tide, I think it will separate the islands.  But at low tide, you can walk over to the other island. 

This is the biggest restaurant on the island.  Its supposed to be a floating restaurant and I guess when the tide is high, it would look like the restaurant is floating, but because its low tide, you can see the stilts.  They are known for their Prawn noodles. There is also a vendor that would sell fresh seafood that the fishermen would bring in and you can buy it from the vendor and asked the restaurant to cook it for you.  L was looking for mantis, but they are out of mantis.   

The man in the white shirt is the owner of the restaurant. He is placing some kinda clams or oyster there,and I guess he waits for the high tide to come in.  I think this is where he breed these clams.  I don't how I feel seeing the clams placed on the yucky, muddy water.  I guess I should just stay away from any clams. 

This is the prawn noodle that I tried at the restaurant.  It was very tasty but also rather spicy.  L said it was not spicy and I guess to her it is not spicy.  I don't really like spicy food, so to me it is spicy.  I did manage to eat most of it and I have to admit, despite the it being too spicy for me, it was tasty.  Next time I think I will order the prawn fried rice.  

Anyway after I had my noodles we left the island on the boat.  I would go back to try out other seafood and remember to order the fried rice.  And hopefully they will have other seafood for me to try.  

I was going to write about my weekend in one post but I realized if I do, it is going to be a long entry and I don't want that.  So Perhaps tomorrow I will continue with the part 2.   Anyway till tomorrow then...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Hate My Samsung Cell Phone!!

My cell phone is driving me crazy!  Before using Samsung, I was using an iphone.  It was given to me as a farewell present when I left Hawaii.  It was the first generation iphone and I loved it. When I brought it home to Malaysia, not many people in Malaysia had  and iphone.  In fact it hasn't even been release in Malaysia yet. For once, I was the gal with the cool phone.  Lasted for a couple months then iphone was available in Malaysia.
The iphone came up all the new models but I stuck to my old iphone.  It might be old, but it sill worked and I loved it.  After having the same phone for 5 years, I decided to change my phone.  I was tempted to get the latest iphone but I figured after 5 years with an iphone, perhaps it was time for me to move on and try something new.

I picked the Samsung Note.  The part that it was bigger than other phone yet small enough for me to put in my back pocket appealed to me.  Most of my friends had Samsung phone and they were all so happy with it.  Always showing me the cool stuff the phone could do while my dinosaur iphone was seriously lacking.  So I decided, the Note will do just fine.  

Three days after getting my phone, I started to regret.  The phone makes no sense to me while the iphone made perfect sense. Initially I thought because its all so new, so it needed to get some getting used to, but its been a year and I am still having problems with my Samsung phone. I hardly have any problem with my iphone while for Samsung, I kept getting problems.  Perhaps I am not tech savvy enough to understand the Samsung inner workings, but iphone was so much easier. The funniest thing I is that when I first bought the Samsung Note, I figured write a text would be much easier than iphone, since the Note screen is much bigger.  It not true. I made way more mistake on my Note than the iphone.  I don't know why. 
The reason for this rant is because I wanted to transfer the pictures in phone to my computer and the computer cannot detect any pictures or videos on my cell phone.  The last time I tried, the computer could not detect the phone.  Argh!!  I miss itunes, where I just have to plug in the the iphone and everything comes up on itune.  Why can't it just work?? 

So instead of writing about the wonderful time I had yesterday and sharing the pictures, I am writing about this.  The pictures I took are all in my cell phone and I can't transfer it to my computer so I could properly write the entry.  Hopefully next time I try it will work.  Wish me luck!