Sunday, 3 February 2013

I Hate My Samsung Cell Phone!!

My cell phone is driving me crazy!  Before using Samsung, I was using an iphone.  It was given to me as a farewell present when I left Hawaii.  It was the first generation iphone and I loved it. When I brought it home to Malaysia, not many people in Malaysia had  and iphone.  In fact it hasn't even been release in Malaysia yet. For once, I was the gal with the cool phone.  Lasted for a couple months then iphone was available in Malaysia.
The iphone came up all the new models but I stuck to my old iphone.  It might be old, but it sill worked and I loved it.  After having the same phone for 5 years, I decided to change my phone.  I was tempted to get the latest iphone but I figured after 5 years with an iphone, perhaps it was time for me to move on and try something new.

I picked the Samsung Note.  The part that it was bigger than other phone yet small enough for me to put in my back pocket appealed to me.  Most of my friends had Samsung phone and they were all so happy with it.  Always showing me the cool stuff the phone could do while my dinosaur iphone was seriously lacking.  So I decided, the Note will do just fine.  

Three days after getting my phone, I started to regret.  The phone makes no sense to me while the iphone made perfect sense. Initially I thought because its all so new, so it needed to get some getting used to, but its been a year and I am still having problems with my Samsung phone. I hardly have any problem with my iphone while for Samsung, I kept getting problems.  Perhaps I am not tech savvy enough to understand the Samsung inner workings, but iphone was so much easier. The funniest thing I is that when I first bought the Samsung Note, I figured write a text would be much easier than iphone, since the Note screen is much bigger.  It not true. I made way more mistake on my Note than the iphone.  I don't know why. 
The reason for this rant is because I wanted to transfer the pictures in phone to my computer and the computer cannot detect any pictures or videos on my cell phone.  The last time I tried, the computer could not detect the phone.  Argh!!  I miss itunes, where I just have to plug in the the iphone and everything comes up on itune.  Why can't it just work?? 

So instead of writing about the wonderful time I had yesterday and sharing the pictures, I am writing about this.  The pictures I took are all in my cell phone and I can't transfer it to my computer so I could properly write the entry.  Hopefully next time I try it will work.  Wish me luck!

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