Sunday, 10 September 2017

It has been a while....

Not too sure if anyone is even reading this but it has been a a while since I last posted.  I had been wanting to post again earlier this year but I can't remember which gmail account did I use to open this blog.  And I also don't remember password.  And guess what?  All this while, the gmail account and the password was stored in my phone.  I didn't know it.  

A lot had changed since I last wrote and I am not sure if anyone is reading this blog but its just something I felt I needed to do.  I quit my job from that miserable company and found myself a great new job.  I had since moved to Kuala Lumpur, where I was able to reconnect with my old friends and was even able to make new friends, which is totally awesome.  

Why awesome, you ask?  Coz I find making new friends when you when you start working at a new company is tough.  Most of them have their own friends and is already with their own so-called squad.  Yet I managed to make friends in the company.  Some good and some....lets just say not too good.  The one person I started to hang out more with was J.  Gotta say, J is awesome and we had even gone travelling together, which is good coz from my past experience, finding a good travel buddy is hard.  

I had also been travelling, although not as much as I wanted.  I had just finally, after almost 2 years in KL, settled.  So I am trying to travel as much as I could.  With what limited resources that I have, I will try to travel more.  

The highlight of my year was when I went to Cebu, Philippines.  I had never been to the Philippine before and I am happy to go somewhere new.  I loved it there.  I enjoyed myself and I also pushed myself to do things I was not comfortable with.  I also learn that some people never change and they are either oblivious to all the signs that we give them or just couldn't care less.  

I will post more on my trips on my next post.  I am so happy that I finally got my blog back.  Till next time....Aloha!