Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Where Is My Prince Charming?

When I was young, my dreams were to find the perfect man, preferably someone like Prince Charming, get married and have two beautiful kids.  I used to tell my friends, that it doesn't matter that the man I fell in love with has no money, because all we need is love.  And then I grew up.  While I do not need a rich Prince Charming, I want one that can support himself and I do not have to support him.  Reality set in and I realized, dreams and reality are really different. Then I was told that I have to kiss a lot of frogs before I find my prince and that is what I had done.  Kissed a lot of frogs....but still no prince.

Some of my ex boyfriends were a real duds, but there were some that were total keepers, but unfortunately they are not mine to keep.  The real duds, were just some guys I dated when I was in University.  They were fun to hang out with but I just couldn't see myself making a commitment with them.  And I think the same goes to those guys.  I remain friends with most of them but one.  

The keepers were the ones I actually really liked and at some point of the relationship, I can see myself being with this one person for the rest of my life. When the relationship take a serious turn, I have to admit, I would just turn around and start running. While I could see myself being with them, I also could see that I was miserable.  I was not happy.  I don't know why.  I see my parents marriage that for the past 20 years, where I see my dad checking out of the marriage and my mom still holding on to the hope of my dad coming back.  I do not want that for my life.

So I guess after a while, I decided I will just let it happen, if it happens.  If not, I am prepared to live my life as I see it.  Which brings me to my life now.  I am still single, not really looking but if a prince charming do decide to sweep me off my feet, who am I to complain, right?  I like my single life and I like the freedom.  I have friends, who like me, are single and we are enjoying our singledom. 

For the past few days, I have been staying with my friend, E and her family.  She has a loving husband and two adoring sons, who might be a little handful at times but they were good kids.  At the ages of seven and two years old,my friend, E has her hands full.  At E's home is where I found out that having kids is never going to be in my future.  Helping E by keeping an eye on her two year old for twenty minutes taught me that in order to have a child, you need to young so that you could keep up with the kid.  I have to admit, after the twenty minutes, I was totally wiped out.  Tired.  I needed a nap to recuperate.

I find myself now revising my dream fairy tale of Prince Charming.  I want a working Prince Charming that can support himself.  The two kids has been replaced with two adorable cat or dog and while all my friends like E, have their wonderful memories with their kids, I will want to make our memories out in the world.  Travel and see the world.  So that too much to as for?  A nice Prince Charming??

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I am going to Korea....I think.

Last April, my friend, H and I went to Seoul, Korea.  We were there for a total of 4 day and there was just not enough time to totally enjoy Seoul. My main goal was to see the cherry blossom blooming in Seoul but we were too late.  By the time we got to Seoul, the cherry blossoms were all gone.  So when there was another sale on Air Asia, we decided to get tickets to go to Seoul again.  

When we were in Seoul, we were told that we should take the subway and not the taxi as the taxi is expensive.  However, we both found out on our last day in Seoul, that it was not true.  I think the taxi was reasonable compared to the endless staircase that we had to take going up and down to the subway.  It was tiring.  I can't recall which station it was, but the connecting station to another subway line was so far, both of us were totally wiped out by the time we reached the connecting subway. 

This time, there will be 5 of us and we will be going to Jeju island too.  I had always wanted to go to Jeju island, but my last visit was too short.  There were barely enough time to see Seoul, much less Jeju.  So this time, I knew what to expect and had set out a plan to what to do and where to go.  Hopefully, we will stick to that plan.

This would be the first time I go traveling with the other 3 girls.  I had asked if any of them had any suggestions or any request for this trip and so far, none of them had came back with any feedback.  So I wrote down a rough guideline and itinerary for our trip.  I will be going to where I wanna go and they will have to follow, which is fine by me.  I am really looking forward to this trip.

The reason I am saying that I might go to Korea is because I am not sure.  In my life, I had realized that whenever I plan for something fun, something will always happen to ruin it.  Time and time again, I've had to cancel trips and outings because of whatever stupid reason that might come up.  So I am prepared.  Until I am safely in the plane flying to Korea, I am going to say, I might go to Korea....I think.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Nail Biting Nervous

Tomorrow I have a job interview and I am rather nervous.  I have been in between jobs for quite some time and I feel it is time for me to get a job.  I miss having the financial freedom to go shopping and travel.  That is what I missed the most, the money was good.  I really do hope I get this job as I rather like this job and I think I can do this job well. 

So wish me luck, ok?

Weekend Fun With Friends Part 2

Sorry it took me so long to write this entry but I did have a rather busy week with Chinese New Year and all. Then I was all caught up with life and whatnots. Whenever I was free, I found other things to do and I guess I was kinda lazy too. Anyway here I am, trying to finish my entry. 

After we left Pulau Aman, we went looking for this famous floating seafood restaurant.  At least I was told, it was famous.  I have not heard of the restaurant before but then I am not really an adventurous foodie kinda person.  What I mean is, I would go anywhere for food, however I am not the kind of person who would spend my day reading foodie blogs looking for a next new place to go.  I guess I am more of a follower and I am looking cause my friends are the adventurous kind of people and I get to follow them.

We got lost on the way to the restaurant.  We used Waze app on our cell phone to help us get to the restaurant, however we took a wrong turn and didn't realize it till later. And the funny part was that the Waze just kept us driving on and on.  Weird, right?

Anyway, we finally found the restaurant with some help from a human and not an app.  So here it is, we finally made it to the restaurant.

The waitress there was as helpful as she can. We are not sure if she really understood us when we ordered.  She was speaking Chinese but we are not sure what dialect she was actually talking in.  When we spoke to her in Hokkien she seemed to understand then she would answer us in Mandarin.  So my friend would then reply to her in Mandarin, she would then look confused.  Once we have finally ordered, we were worried that she may not get our orders right.  But she did get it right.

The food is pretty yummy.  I loved their steam fish.  It was something different and I have never seen fish steamed like that.  It's called Steam Fish Assam Laksa style.  It's was good.  I always like food that is slightly sour.  So it was good.  It even have the white Laksa noodle and pineapple in the dish.

OK, I have to admit, I am a rather lazy and impatient person, especially when it comes to food.  I should had taken more pictures, but I only took the one that I find most interesting.  The steam fish assam laksa style.  The rest of the dishes were good and its pretty much the normal dishes.  Nothing special.

As you can see the restaurant is floating on water.  The water is murky but we can see some fishes.  They even have some live crabs.  I saw the employee feeding the fishes.  I saw him grinding some meat in the grinder and threw it into the water.  Yes...he was feeding the fishes meat.  Weird, right?

We had our late lunch and we decided that we needed some pampering.  So we went for a nice, relaxing  foot reflexology. It was a very relaxing and I could hardly keep my eyes open.  It does hurts a little but it feels so good.  After the relaxing hour, it was time to go to our next restaurant.

This restaurant is also very well known.  The restaurant is known for their steamboat and their unique soup base they used for their steamboat.  Instead of some meat based soup, they actually use a fish and yam based soup.  It is really tasty and very delicious.  Milk is added to the soup for an extra taste.

Doesn't it look delicious?  My friend told me that the reason we are there early was because if we were to go later, the restaurant will be packed.  Even at 6pm, the restaurant is half full and customers are steadily filling up the restaurant.  When I was leaving, a long line form outside, waiting for any available tables.  Business is good.

 This is the name of the restaurant.

With our full stomach we decided to take a walk and visit the near by Chinese temple.  If I am not mistakens, the name of the temple is the Nine Emperor Temple.  Since its almost Chinese New Year, The whole temple was lit up with lanterns and it was beautiful.

The entrance to the Nine Emperor Temple.

This is the close up of one of the beautiful pillars around the temple. 

I love all the lanterns that were hung on the ceiling and all around the temple.

I think this was some kinda wish fountain as there were a lot of coins in the fountain.  My friend threw her coin and it landed in the top tier of the fountain while my coin landed in the second tier.

After walking around the temple, my cell phone were running out of battery so I just snapped a many as I can before my cell phone died on me, but it never did.  Which was a bloody miracle cause the low battery beep kept beeping, reminding me.
 I had a wonderful time and I realized that I really need to go out more. In the past I had friends inviting me to join their with their outings and I had always found an excuse not to go. I was so comfortable staying at home, that I just didn't want to leave my house.  I am so glad that I went out with my friend L and since this outing, I had been going out more, making new friends and just enjoying life.  I guess you're never too old to make new friends and experience something new.