Monday, 28 January 2013

Eat At Your Own Risk.

Leaving raw chicken in the trunk of your car while parked under the hot sun is something you should not do.  Some common sense would tell you that parking the car under the hot sun while you run into the mall to have lunch and buy other groceries is not advisable.  While I have to admit, I was with my friend when this happened, I thought we were going into the mall to quickly grab a couple things. A quick dash to the Jusco to grab the lamb, soda and some chicken drumsticks for the BBQ.  However that was not the plan. The plan was lunch, a leisurely walk to a Korean cosmetic store and then to Jusco for the food items.  I forgot about the chicken as it was not my purchase and my purchase were 3 nectarines, which was fine being left in the trunk.  Could chicken that was left in the trunk of a car for 2 hours be safe to be eaten?  I don't know.  My friends are willing to give it a go.  So I will tell you how it went.  If any of my friends got food poisoning from the chicken. I am going to only eat the drumsticks as it was bought at Jusco and was not in the trunk of the car.  The drumsticks are also marinated separately from the chicken wings so I don't have to worry. But I do hope the chicken is safe to be eaten.  Will warn all my friends before they start eating it.  'Eat at your own risk'.

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