Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just ramblings...

I am on my third blog entry and I really have no idea what to write about. I guess I could write about my other food experiments but to be the honest, I really don't feel like writing about it. Perhaps in later blog entries I will write about my other food experiments. But for now, I really have no idea what to write about.

I have decided that I won't tell my friends about this blog. I think I better keep this separate from my friends.  I wanna try to share and be as honest as I can in this blog and while honesty is the best policy, sometimes honestly also hurts. While I admire some of the bloggers who writes their true feelings, I am, however not that brave.  But I will try.

It is funny how a brain works. While I am writing this, I came up with an idea. Something I can write about and perhaps share with you.  There I was, telling you that I have nothing to write about and pop!  I came up with an idea.  

Anyway, I will start on writing my next entry and perhaps I will post it up later. If you're intrigued, come back and check it out, OK? My dear stranger....whoever you are.  Cause I know someone is reading this....I think.

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